Bankruptcy Attorney and Personal Injury Trial Attorney in Norcross
About Louis McLendon, Managing Attorney

"I have more than 15 years of experience.  For 11 years, I fought tough battles for the insurance industry in front of jurors, learning how they think, how they evaluate attorneys, plaintiffs and injuries. Please believe me when I say, 'Not all attorneys are created equal!'  Many attorneys who represent themselves as 'Trial Attorneys' have never set foot into the courtroom.  While they may fool you, the potential client, they have developed a 'settlement' reputation with the insurance companies, the judges, and with their fellow attorneys.  Whether you realize it or not, an attorney's reputation for being unwilling to try cases decreases the value of your case.  When an insurance company 'knows' that your attorney will not take your case to trial, you will not receive the full value of your case.  Allow me to put my years of hard-earned trial  skills to work for you.  Allow me to add value to your case! "

1770 Indian Trail Lilburn Road #200, Gwinnett, GA, 30093, United States
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